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Engaging for Better Cognitive Function


Like every health and well-being, we should keep our cognitive functioning active. One way elderly individuals can do it is through this nontraditional cognitive intervention approach. And this approach engages elderly individuals in social and leisure activities. This activity can be taken on by anyone under Companionship Care.

Based on the 2007 article “Improving Cognitive Function in Older Adults: Nontraditional Approaches” by Park et al., many elderly individuals who become socially active and engage in different leisure activities are experienced positive effects on improving, maintaining, and enhancing their cognitive abilities. Elderly Care in New York saw that individuals who religiously keep their brains active are also less likely to adhere to the motto, “Better use it, or you’ll lose it.”

Our caregivers here at Smile Homecare Agency, Inc. will always be concerned about our client’s cognitive health. We know that when the brain starts to deteriorate, the rest will follow, too. Thus, we want to keep their cognitive functioning healthy by engaging them in daily social and pleasurable activities. Because for us, one of the components of the road to happiness is maintaining our cognitive functioning well through quality care.

Give your elderly loved one’s cognitive functioning a health boost. Do it by availing of our Home Care Services in Brooklyn, New York, for them today!

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