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What you need to ask your agency before getting in-home care ?

Is your agency licensed by the state?
Yes, our agency is Licensed by the State of New York. We accept Private pay, Managed Long Term Care, and Medicaid.
How quickly can services begin?
Services can begin within 24-48 hours.
How do I know that your Caregivers are trustworthy and that I will be safe?

Our strict and thorough screening process ensures that all of our caregivers meet the highest possible standards for the delivery of health care services. Each and every member of staff has an up-to-date criminal record check, and are all legal residents of New York, USA. We provide on-going professional training, and have a computer system that notifies us when their individual registrations are due (i.e. nursing registration).

Regular Supervisory Visits are made to your home by our Case Managers in order to absolutely certain that the care you are receiving meets the standards that you expect. Your safety is our Priority.